Ansteorra Event Planning Calendar

Last updated: July 8, 2017

Kingdom Event Calendar Information:

The Calendar Secretary maintains the Ansteorran calendar of events and submits it to the Kingdom Chronicler for publication in the Black Star, the Kingdom newsletter.

Please see the website on a larger display for detailed instructions before contacting the Calendar Secretary.

Text-only version of the planning calendar
iCalendar version of the planning calendar
Kingdom Calendar Archive
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Royal Progress Royal Progress
TRH Progress Heirs Progress
His Majesty His Majesty
Her Majesty Her Majesty
His Highness His Highness
Her Highness Her Highness
Chivalric Circle Chivalric Circle
Centurion Circle Centurion Circle
White Scarf Circle White Scarf Circle
Laurel Circle Laurel Circle
Pelican Circle Pelican Circle
Pelican Circle Master of Defense Circle
Arc d'Or Circle Arc d'Or Circle
Golden Lance Circle Golden Lance Circle
Golden Ticket Tourney Golden Ticket Tourney
Permanent Event Date Permanent Event Date

February 2024 (A.S. LVIII)

(Feb 28) Spring Royal Huntsman Bids Due
(Feb 28) Spring Royal Lancer Bids Due