Calendar Conflicts

Last updated: January 29, 2013

The official rules for scheduling an event on the Kingdom Calendar are given in Kingdom Law, which may be found on the Seneschal's Reference Library page. However, the Kingdom Seneschal, in conjunction with the Kingdom Calendar Deputy, may occasionally make suggestions in the form of individual counsel or opening a line of communication between two groups when one requests the same weekend as another within the bounds of Kingdom Law.

For example, although Austin and Beaumont are more than 150 miles apart, Bryn Gwlad might be counseled not to schedule an event opposite Bordermarch Melees, or the Bordermarch leadership might be consulted. Likewise, two groups pulling from the same basic pool of attendees, such as two rapier events on the same weekend, might be asked to discuss the impact on both groups before final scheduling takes place. Particular attention will normally be given to PEDs, since in most cases this is the major focus event of the group, and to Shires who might have limited resources to cover for reduced attendance.

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